Saturday, November 24, 2007

Web site in process

I have been working on my website all week and even though I'm using templates, it's still challenging. The frustration factor is high. Software programs can do 50,000 things, but the one thing you want them to do, forget it. I could be out there fighting traffic and crowds in the annual rush to outdo yourself and your friends, known as "Christmas Shopping"! I either do it all year long or give my products. Now that my line of herbal products, and cordials has expanded so much, there's a lot to choose from. The website is started and there is still a lot to do. As for this blog, you might have noticed that some of the ads are wonky and some of them are selling questionable products. This is not my doing and I have to monitor daily to see what they've come up with. I will probably be switching to another location soon. I will keep you posted.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ah! Monday

Last week I was so busy getting ready for our third annual Joy Road Art Walk and Craft Sale in Occidental, I didn't have time to do any posting. I did read an interesting blog - with a posting called "110 Things to do Before He Dies". It's down the page a bit but worth looking at. I think most of us have made such a list even if it was just in our heads. How many of those things have you gotten to do? Send me a list or comment with 5 things you wanted to do in your life and then actually did. Then tell me 5 you still want to do. I think its good to check it with oneself from time to time. It's a way to call attention to our lives and what we're doing. In the modern world we have more choices than ever and even if we feel stuck in something, we can still change our attitude about it. I have found that when I changed my mental relationship to something, it changed as well. The material presented in The Secret about the Law of Attraction is real for me and I have had my world change amazingly by changing my thoughts and language. For books on this and other related topics go to the Amazon ad on the page. They are having some incredible deals the day after Thankgiving. One winter after I had had surgery, I had many challenges with my house - problems with the well and a leaky roof. I was not able to work because of my surgery and (oh did you know that state and federal employees cannot get disability pay?) so... no income. My car had blown a cylinder the day after I stopped working before my surgery, so no car. And I didn't have enough money to pay for propane heating. In short, I was cold, in pain and the only reliable water I had was falling on my head from the roof. I did have a mound of yarn. I decided to make ponchos. I sat for hours crocheting. The yarn kept me warm. Rather than feeling sorry for myself (tempting I admit, but not helpful) I realized there were hundreds, maybe thousands of people, maybe hundreds of thousands of people who would give anything to: 1) have a house, 2) be home crocheting rather than being at work, and 3) be alone rather than with the person or persons they were with. I thought of all those people who have so many duties and obligations they never get a moment to themselves. I remembered my days in the Peace Corps and my experiences traveling in "third" world countries where people lived in cardboard shanties. And I thought "Wow, am I lucky!" Happy for what I have rather than what I don't have. I viewd my circumstances from a different point of view. Everything has changed since then. I have two cars now, I am self-employed, and the roof and well got fixed. It's important to monitor your thoughts and your feelings. Meditation and contemplation (not worrying) can help with this. I have also found that all the recordings by Caroline Myss are beneficial for changing one's relationship to their life. Have a great week.