Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Back.... Sort of

Well, I'm sort of back. After two weeks, Circuit City called to tell me that since they will be going out of business soon, the service center sent my computer back unfixed and could I hurry up and pick it up before they shut for good. Great! Two weeks without my computer and still not fixed! I will have to send it in myself. Of course, I am concerned about all the people losing their jobs and the fact that one more company is folding during this meltdown.

To be able to use my computer, I had to buy a wireless mouse, because it was my mouse pad that went south. I practiced with it and it is okay for backup, but want my built-in mouse pad again.

Now try to tell me there's no such thing as "mercury retrograde". I knew something would go wrong with this process, but I took it in anyway. I will wait until past the "shadow period" before I dare send it in. This includes the degree that mercury went retrograde.

One thing I learned was just how "addicted" I am to being online everyday for hours. I miss my blog friends soooo much! I miss reading my favs and dropping my EC card. And, yes, I did clean house (a little). Did a major archaeological excavation of the downstairs storage area and almost every pile in the rest of the house. And threw stuff out! Yes, for those who know me, this is amazing! I am a pack rat. Born under the Chinese sign of Rat and boy if you ever come in my house, you'll know it. Now at least I know what is in the piles. When I have to send the computer in again in about a month, I will tackle some more of that.

I also have the goal of creating a space to see my astrology and flower essence clients starting in March or April. I have been thinking about this for months. Rent an office? Share a space with others? What? I have decided to create an area downstairs. That way I am not pressured to "make money" to pay the rent and I can create the atmosphere I want.

I also had to "dig" to find one box that contains all the materials for a class I hope to teach this summer at a local junior college on Mayan Hieroglyphs. I taught the class as a weekend workshop 5 years at Sonoma State University many years ago. I have continued to do my own research since then and want to teach it again at a place more people can afford. I am also producing a CD of the class which I will offer for sale here and on my other blogs which teaches basic hieroglyphs, the Mayan calendar, plus the latest info on 2012.

During this computerless period, I have been reading everything I can find on 2012 from many perspectives. You can see some of the books on my astrology blog.