Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Top Ten EC Droppers for July

Stir The Cauldron
Goddess Blessings
A Bit of This and That
Robin's Woods
2 Witches Blog
People You Need to Know
Enchanted Cauldron
cooking with kuting
Blue Turtle

Since I can't figure out how to get a "real top-dropper widget" on my page, I'll just do it this way, since I want to give credit to those who have been so diligent in dropping.

Where I live the only Internet connection available is dial-up. I'm lucky if I can get 30 drops a day on my two blogs that have Entrecard. We are allowed 300 each, but I'd have to do this 24/7 just to get 100. Believe me friends, I'd love it if I could get to all of my Favorites everyday. Then there is the issue of posting, adding things that could generate income AND having a life.

Those of you who don't have EC are missing out on a very effective way to generate traffic. My traffic has tripled since I got involved in Entrecard.