Monday, February 4, 2008

Wise Men I Know

Yes, as I said before, I am for harmony and balance. I gotta tell you about my cousin Frank. At 60 he ran his first marathon last year in Las Vegas and loved it so much he's doing it again this year. Here he is at the beginning of the race where it's 32 degrees!!! It was a fund raiser for the SF AIDS Foundation and he raised way more than expected. When he wrote me and said "I am training for the 2008 San Francisco Marathon. It is a fund raiser for the SF AIDS Foundation. For more info click on the web link
SF Marathon
", I couldn't believe it. This guy has discipline! He's been working out for at least 25 years or something.
Here he is at the end of the marathon last year - 26 miles!!! .
I bet he's warmed up now. He has always been special to me. Better than a brother, a best friend. As kids we saw every horror movie they made. One time we saw a double-feature (yeah, we could see a double-feature for a quarter) "Giant Gila Monsters" and "Attack of the Monster Shrews" or something like that, 3 times each before our mothers picked us up. Usually we just went on our own, but that time they had dropped us off and told us to stay there until they came back. They had a flat-tire or something and it took hours. No cell phones then. We knew the dialog by heart. In high school we both loved to dance and danced together because nobody else knew how. We belonged to a square dance club and went roller-skating. In our twenties we went to Hawaii and Canada. He was in my wedding. He taught me about the Law of Attraction before it was popular. He has always been a positive "can do, will do" guy and I will always love him. Good Luck Frank!