Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's Going On?

I've noticed a trend. I look at hundreds of blogs on a regular basis and it seems that, in general, people are reporting that their lives have gotten so much more complex, busy or difficult that they have neglected their blogs. They either don't have a thing to say, or they don't have time to write.

What's going on? Is it a fad that is losing it's appeal? Are people finding out just how hard it is to make money blogging? Or has life taken a turn in the last couple of months? I think it's a little of all of those. Or is it something else?

I often get asked how you make money blogging. I make most of my money through Amazon. Sometimes I sell products through Etsy. I make the least from Adsense, but I do make some. True, I don't know much about all the ways to increase traffic. When I write regularly and drop my Entrecards regularly, my stats go up and that helps things a lot. While I started out blogging just to make money, I soon found that it was a medium for expressing myself and writing about the things I enjoy.

Lately, it has become a bit of a chore, sorry to say. I have been wondering why. And I can see from my perusal of other blogs, that others are experiencing the same thing. In fact, I am finding most things in life - a chore. I have this growing sense, that more and more aspects of life are losing their meaning. That so many of my activities are totally irrelevant. I see people bustling around and I wonder why?

The only thing I can find to account for these changes in my behavior and attitudes is the shift I experienced after hearing about the ideas of Nassim Haramein last month. You can go to his website, to see what he's doing. It's as if I feel the presence of another level of reality that is closer to REALITY and that this world is but an distant echo of it and is fading away. I know that sounds bizarre, but believe me, this is a sensation I have never experienced before and so it is difficult to describe. I feel hope and excitement about this approaching NEW WORLD or new level of reality. In some way, I feel it is already here, beginning to peek through.

I have changed many of my habits and activities. I have become activated in some odd way. I have created a new blog about 2012

I feel something has shifted in me as a result of hearing the information that Haramein expresses and a friend of mine says the same thing from watching his material on YouTube. I believe that, due to resonance, people are feeling the shift in consciousness and reacting to it and have no idea why. They use the explanations they know because they have no other way of communicating it. Haramein has plugged into the Shift that is occurring as a result of our conjunction to the Galactic Center and so his ideas are riding the wave of that Shift.

I'm curious about what changes you are experiencing, if any, and how you account for them.

I want to make it clear that the DVD being offered through the Amazon link in the sidebar is different from that advertised in the picture above. The one in the picture is a 4 DVD set for 84.00 and the one at Amazon is 1 DVD for 9.95. I just thought the graphic from Haramein's website was beautiful.