Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sedna is Calling to Us

Back home from Denver and UAC. So filled with inspiration and information, it will take me awhile to digest it all. The talks that I was most affected by were by Melanie Reinhart, Demetra George, Steven Forrest, Baris Ilhan (from Turkey)and Donna Cunningham, among others. Not possible to have seen them all since there were over 270 sessions and many workshops and other activities. So incredible to be with thousands of astrologers for five days.

A talk by Barbara Schermer, on Sedna, a sea goddess, and her placement in the charts of environmentalists, was very interesting. Sedna's message: "act to save the planet or get ready to leave it". We should all be stewarding some aspect of nature. Transformation through water is a major theme of Sedna's story, as is the value of learning to save yourself rather than expecting anyone else to do it for you.

Throughout the entire conference, I heard no doom and gloom. I heard a lot of encouragement and hope. The final panel discussed their predictions regarding the next president, based on their reading of the charts of the candidates, election day and inauguration day. The complexity of the readings and the high level of the analytical skills of the panelists impressed me. I couldn't help by see how intelligent they are. I thought "how could anyone, even a scientist, walk in here and not acknowledge that these astrologers are serious scholars?"

There were wanna-be astrologers there, too, and their enthusiasm was infectious. People were totally turned on by the experience. As for me, I had healing moments, made "vows", met many new friends, and reconnected with friends made at other conferences.

I spent some quality time with Kim Marie from Evolutionary Astrology. I am looking forward to the upcoming segment "Health and Wellness" will take place in South Dakota in the last summer/early fall.

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