Friday, April 4, 2008

Small World

Just got a new book by Pam Montgomery, Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness. I'm reading as fast as I can because this coming weekend I will be taking a 2 day class with her at California School of Herbal Studies. Over 20 years ago, when I lived in New Orleans, I heard about CSHS. I wished I was back in California so I could attend. "Things happened" and I found myself back in California. When I moved into my current home, I had no idea that I was living 5 minutes from the school. The plants conspired not only place to me where I am, but also to provide me with the means to be able to go to classes there. Yesterday, when I went to register for the up-coming class, I told Jason that I had just returned from La Cruz Huanacaxtle and he said yes, he knew it well. He and his family winter near there every year. More and more I understand that finding your true path, is as much about listening and following your nose, as anything else. These days there are many books written about the subject of one's purpose, calling, right work, etc. To some extent, this attention to the subject puts pressure on people to "do something about it". To this end, they buy books, go to workshops, attend trainings and pay people to help them. I too, have done some of these things. Fast approaching 60, I begin to believe that "finding your true path" is inevitable. What else could you do? What the issue actually is - is having the patience and the certainty that it will happen. Not necessarily when you want it to happen, but when it is supposed to happen. Our true path is our life unfolding. How else could it possibly be? Just as we could never begin to control all the functions and actions of our own body, what makes us think we could "find" then "execute" the plan for our life? It's not that I think we have no choices. Rather I believe it is bigger than what our mind can conceive of. There are more beings involved. The plants for example. Maybe they have a plan for us. For my own part, the more I have dedicated myself to my relationship with the plant kingdom, the more my life has made sense and the happier I have been. The evolutionary relationship between plants and animals is extremely interesting. The plants have led, the animals have followed. Without plants making food for us out of sunlight, water and CO2, no animal could live. Think about it. "Little green men" (chloroplasts) trapped inside the plant cells, perform an alchemical transformation of energy into matter. Did they go to a seminar to find the true calling? To see what I'm up to go see my website at