Monday, May 12, 2008

On My Way to UAC in Denver

Getting ready for my trip to the United Astrology Conference "Rockin'the Universe: The 2008-2012 Cycles of Transformation", in Denver, Colo. This is going to be a huge one. Then when I return, I have a booth at "All Things Herbal" in Sebastopol, Sunday, June 15. Currently working on a new line of products - flower essence blends specifically tied to working on Pluto issues. You know Pluto - the one they just demoted from planet to planetoid? Interesting that just before Pluto entered Capricorn, where he may well see the transformation if not the total demise of corporations, some group of 'scientists' decides he's no longer a planet. As if that would change the power of the god of death and transformation. Ha! Anyone who has undergone a Pluto transit (who hasn't?) knows the power of Pluto. You may not have known that's what it was, but if an astrologer looked at your chart, you may have learned about it in retrospect. Among the values of astrology is finding out when these things are about to occur or are occurring so you know what to do to make the most of it. Then, when your world turns upside down you have a little objectivity about it. One of the services I provide is plant-based products to assist you on your path of transformation. In the spirit of Evolutionary Astrology, I am developing a Pluto Essences Line. More than one - twelve to be exact, to address the issues particular to the house placement of Pluto.