Monday, August 25, 2008

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Forestville Town Social

Last Thursday, Wise Women of the West participated in the Forestville Town Social and Business Expo. I had a booth featuring my herbal products and cordials. There were many more booths than last year and not as many people came. I didn't make as much as last year, but I did meet many great people and from what I heard, I did much better than others. I got a little carried away as I usually do, talking with people and was not paying as much attention as I should have and either I dropped some of my money or someone did not pay (or both) Yikes! I don't think I dropped it since surely someone would have said something.

I remember one exchange that was odd and I'm not sure the woman actually paid me, yet let me give her change. When I added up my sales and the money I had, it was that amount that was lacking.

I was up half the night counting and checking and I was definitely short. I really did not want to believe that someone stold from me. I make all my products from scratch, using high quality ingredients locally grown and gathered or brought back from other countries I visit. In all cases, there is a great deal of time, expense and effort in making them. I create my own recipes - many come from inspiration. All are unique.

Any artist or craftsperson who tries to sell their creations at fairs knows how much work is involved. It is a labor of love. But that does not mean that you want to just give it away. I was both hurt and disappointed. And of course, I blamed myself for not being "more business-like" and or more careful.

The woman herself may not have realized she didn't pay me. It may not have been intentional at all. This is what I prefer to think because it gives me more peace of mind.