Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank you George Lucas

I have not had T.V. since 1994. I live in an area without cable and so the only way to have it would be to get a satellite. Since I don't want to watch enough to make it worthwhile to pay for the service, I don't have it. Instead, I rent DVDs of movies or series that interest me. Besides, in all my adult years of T.V. watching there were few shows that I really liked. Mostly, it was passing time. One of my all time favorites was The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which didn't last long (most of the time the shows I liked lasted 1 season or less before they were pulled). Due to the fact that a fourth Indiana Jones movie was about to be released, I was reminded of my fav show and wondered if it was available on DVD. YES!!! and for sale at that. I purchased the 3 volume set and have been enjoying it ever since. In addition to the episodes (most of them I never got to see) there is an extensive amount of educational material. This is a set of DVDs you can't miss. Entertaining and educational, it covers the early part of the 20th century including history, scientific breakthroughs, art, music, social life, inventions and so much more. Historic figures like Lawrence of Arabia, Ataturk, and others are featured as well as the discovery of Tut's tomb. A must see and should have, this is the best series that was ever on T.V. in my opinion. So much of what is going on in the Middle East today is the result of what occurred after the end of WWI and this series and the special features, goes into this in detail. Eventhough the series originally came out in the mid-90s, it is totally relevant today, because of current political events. Since the fictional part of the story takes place so long ago, it is timeless. Lucas must have spent a mint making this series. It is beautifully done in every way: locations, costumes, acting, content. I can't praise it enough. This is what T.V. should be. Thank you George Lucas!!!