Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seven Rose Heart Chakra Rubs and Chocolate Mermaids

Once again, time has been flying by and I have not posted. Was busy getting ready for a craft fair at the Harvest for the Hungry benefit Plant Sale . Ended up doing very well. The top seller of the day being my "seven rose heart chakra rubs" see website:
I also went for a day trip to the U.C. Davis Botanical Gardens with the Sonoma County Master Gardeners.
In two weeks, I'm off to the UAC in Denver, The United Astrology Conference titled: "Rockin' the Universe: The 2008-2012 Cycles of Transformation". This is a huge conference with 5 days of sessions for a total of 18, with 15 different speakers presenting for each session. It reminds me of the AAA (American Anthropological Association) conferences I used to go to back in another lifetime. That feels like a million years ago. These days, it's astrology and plant spirit healing for me. Then, May 30th, I'll reach one of the big ones when I turn "60"!!! Never thought I'd live this long (wasn't sure I wanted to), but so far so good. Even though I just had surgery on my eyelid today and had to wear an eye patch (I asked the doctor to put on a black one so I could fulfill my pirate fantasy), I am in very good shape for the shape I'm in. Two weeks later, I will be doing the "All Things Herbal" herb/craft show Father's Day in Sebastopol in association with the Sebastopol Farmer's Market. This is sponsored by the Sonoma County Herb Association.

The summer is shaping up. No big trips planned although I'm open to the possibility. I am also working on a line of flower essence blends that will focus on Pluto issues. 'Got a download' to do this, in conjunction with the Evolutionary Astrology training program. And now we are full circle. The seven rose heart chakra rubs were made in response to a similar 'download'. I get messages to make something and often I don't even know what it's for. I follow instructions. Then I package it and offer it for sale at my booth. Fine, great. But when people ask me "What's it for?" They want an answer. I have several. Doesn't my mission statement include "handmade herbal products with a story"? Lately, I have not been afraid to give more of the story. To include the part about getting downloads from Spirit. No one flinches. In fact, they seem relieved. The Universe sighs....Ah ...."thank you for acknowledging us". It's getting more okay to say stuff like this because people are hungry for it. The reality we have agreed on is becoming too limiting. People crave enchantment, magic, mystery. "The Quest" is a strong archetype in our psyches and we really don't want to think we have all the answers. "Years ago", as my relatives used to say, there was a very popular movie "What's It All About Alfie?" with a title song that went with it. I don't remember much about the movie except bits of the song. The point is - we need to believe, imagine, fantasize in order to continue to want to get up every day. Why else would fantasy be such a popular genre for books and film? This is one reason why I don't connect much to doomsday scenarios. True, we have done horrendus things to the planet and we are beginning to reap the consequences. It was our rational minds that got us into this fix and as Einstein said “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” For fear of sounding like my late Mother, who often called herself "an ostrich living with her head in the sand", bless her heart, I will say this, I prefer miracles. I prefer to ask God/Goddess/Spirit/All that is, to help us. Caroline Casey says the gods are very willing to help us - all we have to do is ask.