Monday, February 18, 2008

On the Way to Enlightenment

For my readers, please forgive some of the strange ads that are appearing these days. The device they give us to screen and delete these ads is not working right now, so... Sorry! Perhaps that's because of Mercury Retrograde. Wow! I had no idea so much time went by since my last post! Well, you know what they say about time. I've been taking two on-line courses that take way-too-much-time (Powerpoint and Dreamweaver). My website is continually evolving and growing and these programs will take it to a whole new level. I've also been "having fun" doing things way outside my comfort zone and expanding myself out into the world. One thing is the Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive training by Edward Mills. That is definitely pushing my buttons, (yes, I still have buttons) and Jane Bell's Flower Essence Practitioner Training which is moving things around in my psyche and emotional center. I guess it's time for inner-work again and flower essences can certainly do that. I had quite an experience Saturday with a colony of deep orange flowers and a hummingbird. Marvelous! Hummingbird has special significance in the indigenous religions of Mexico and since I am currently expanding my life into Mexico, it was a gift to have that encounter.

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seanymph said...

First.....thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I commented there for you. I thought Id wander over here tho to see what you are up to. It appears to me you are a neighbor which is wonderful altho Ill soon be moving to Oregon. I looked at your soaps altho I must admit rather quickly because Im down with the flu this week. Do you make them yourself? I hope to open an herb shop in Oregon. I am looking at doing that about a yr. after I get there. Ill need the time to network and settle in and figure out what I can and cannot do in that area. I have some ideas for soaps that I wanted to create but I have never made soap before. In time maybe Ill learn. Ill be back tho to read more of your page when I feel better. :)