Monday, August 11, 2008

Momma Mia? in Greece?

Now that I have 4 blogs and a website, as well as producing my herbal products etc., etc., in other words, my own business, I work more than ever. And it's fine because I am home and I am my own boss.

I have promised myself that I will take Sunday off and I usually do. This past Sunday, I went to my dream analysis group in the morning, then went to a movie.

Somewhere, I had heard that Momma Mia was worth seeing. Wellllll. I almost walked out demanding a refund. Dumb, dumber and dumbest. Sorry. I was so dismayed at what is being doled out in the name of entertainment. The only redeeming features, for me, were seeing Meryl Streep singing and dancing, and the scenery. It takes place on a Greek Island. I like Meryl Streep and it was impressive to see her dancing her butt off and belting out songs. I think it really was her singing, but I can't say the same for some of the other actors.

I was also upset that they had their timing so off. They imply the mother and her three boyfriends knew eachother in the Sixties. However, the daughter is only 20 and the music is ABBA. Sooooo. that's Eighties right? Very confusing. I hate it when they mix up stuff like that when the players (me and other Boomers) are still alive to consult. I mean, the Sixties!!! It wasn't that long ago!

The songs went on way too long. Meryl looked bored singing her own songs! Of course, there is a lot of fodder for the pre-teen set. I think they make most films with 10-12 year old girls in mind. Now, I know the economy is in trouble, but did I miss something? Who controls the money in this country? Oh right, forgot for a minute, children.

Oh yes, my last complaint. Momma Mia takes place in Greece. They don't say "Momma Mia" in Greece.

The other redeeming feature, I laughed myself silly through most of the movie. I guess that was worth the senior discount ticket price.

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Doug said...

Ha Ha. I laughed at your "boomer" review of the vapid Momma Mia and have to agree with everything you say. Good job.
Doug at Retired and Restless blog