Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wishful thinking....

Sorry I was wrong about Obama's birth year. He was born in 1961, not 1964. But, the Voting Rights Act that Lyndon Johnson signed was in 1964 and it did cause another uprising especially in the South as thousands of people tried to register to vote.

Someone emailed me that Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed in 1964 and that is wrong. He was killed in 1968 the same year as Bobby Kennedy. I remember both events very well.

After Nixon was elected, I stopped voting for nearly 20 years. My friends and I all expected that Nixon would put us in concentration camps. Many of my friends were arrested for their anti-war activities - on other pretexts. "The Movement" went underground. Many just gave up. Others became more militant.

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Anonymous said...

More 44 facts. It has been 44 years since Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana have gone Democratic. Also the one Democratic electoral vote from Nebraska was the first time its votes were split. It last voted Democratic 44 years ago. Nixon's Southern Strategy is finally falling apart. Go Obama! You did it right!